Medora, North Dakota

Welcome to ND-Direct - a web directory about North Dakota which has been created by North Dakotans!

ND-Direct is designed to put the local information you need at your fingertips, whether you live here, are visiting, or are thinking about relocation.

Read on and you'll find a short overview of what the directory is about - or head straight over to the navigation on the right and directly to the section that interests you...

North Dakota Web DirectoryWhy ND-Direct?

ND-Direct Directory Member LogoGood question: why another web directory? After all, there are national web directories for everything under the sun - and they all have a North Dakota section. And then there are excellent online resources for subjects like the history of North Dakota.

The problem is that the national web directories too often seem to think of North Dakota as a poor relation and, while states like Illinois and California are filled with listings, North Dakota is left with a near-empty section.

And, while local societies and public bodies have made great efforts to list the resources that are of interest to them, they are necessarily limited to their subject area.

So ND-Direct is a directory that is aimed at covering the state and its communities, as well as topics of interest to the area. If you have an area that you think we should cover, please feel free to let us know!

North Dakota DirectoryWhat is ND-Direct?

We've tried to split the different sections of ND-Direct into logical topics and still make it easy for people to find their way around the site.

North Dakota CommunitiesIf you would like to look at the state in a geographical sense, then use our North Dakota communities section, where you will find information about the largest towns and cities in the area. We'll be adding more communities to this in the coming months as well, so keep an eye on where we expand to (and, again, if you would like to see us cover your community or include your business, please let us know).

North Dakota stateThe North Dakota state section covers information which is aimed at a state-wide level and also connects to the city information sections of the various communities which have been covered.

North Dakota businessThe North Dakota business section covers commercial information at a state level and also offers access to the business sections of the different communities featured on ND-Direct.

North Dakota travelAnd the North Dakota travel section features articles on attractions for visitors in the state, such as some of the national parks and other nature reserves in the area. It also provides a way to access information on the tourist attractions of the different communities.

North Dakota Web DirectoryWho is ND-Direct?

At the start of this page we said that ND-Direct was by and about North Dakotans. That's not just marketing waffle - to a large extent the content we have features information by and about what people in the state have created and the ways that they are working together. And the success of ND-Direct will stand and fall on the quality of information and input provided by our fellow inhabitants.

But, if you would really like to know who is behind this site (and it's not the cowboy in the top banner), please feel free to hit the About Us page!