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Divide CountyDivide County was created in 1910 when it was split (as its name suggests) from neighbouring Williams County. Some authorities believe that the name may also derive from the fact that there is a north-south continental divide within the area.

The county is just under 1,300 square miles in size and has a population of 2,071, according to the last census. The number of inhabitants has fallen by more than 20% in the last decade. The highest number of inhabitants of the county was in the 1920s, when over 9,000 people called Divide County their home.

The county seat of Divide County is Crosby, ND, which has retained that title since the foundation of the county. The town was originally settled as a railroad town in 1903 and was incorporated as a city eight years later. Its zip code is 58730 and its current population is around 1,200.

Divide County is surrounded by Canada to the north, by Burke County to the east, by Williams County to the south and by Montana to the west.

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City of CrosbyCity of Crosby
City site for Crosby run by local newspaper, with information about businesses, local organizations, events and activities.
City of Crosby

Ambrose Township NDAmbrose, ND
Interesting "unofficial" city site with in-depth historical information and details of current and past inhabitants.
Ambrose, ND

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Travel World of CrosbyTravel World of Crosby
Local travel agency run by Steve and Ardis Joraanstad with details of vacations offered and history of business.
Travel World of Crosby

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With information about Divide County schools, schedule, sports faculty and contact details.
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The Journal, Crosby NDThe Journal
Crosby's weekly newspaper with online edition.

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