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Renville CountyRenville County is another of the northern North Dakota counties which were created, lost their independence to Ward County amd then regained it in the early 1900s as part of the general administrative reorganization in this part of the state.

The current Renville county officially came into being in 1910, named after either Gabriel Renville, a fur trader, or the more well-known frontier personality Joseph Renville.

The county is just under 900 square miles in size and has a population of 2,470, according to the last census. The population peaked in the 1920s with nearly 7,500 inhabitants.

The county seat is located in Mohall, the city which had led the campaign for independence from what was termed 'Imperial' Ward County (containing the large population center of Minot and the rival city of Kenmare) at the start of the 20th century.

Renville County is surrounded by Canada to the north, by Bottineau County and McHenry County to the east, by Ward County to the south and by Burke County to the east.

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Glenburn | Mohall | Sherwood

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Renville County, NDRenville County
The official county website has a section on local history, as well as the usual details of administration and businesses in the area.
Renville County, ND Website

Mohall, NDMohall, ND
The Mohall city website covers the local administration and facilities, upcoming events and business listings.
Mohall, ND Website

Glenburn, NDGlenburn, ND
The Glenburn website has information about the city council, facilities, school and local churches.
Glenburn, ND Website

Sherwood, NDSherwood, ND
The official Sherwood site includes details of local businesses, various aspects of the history of the settlement and a school newsletter.
Sherwood, ND Website

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Glenburn Public School, NDGlenburn Public School
The website covers the history of the school, the calendar and the activities of the booster club.
Glenburn Public School

Mohall/Lansford/Sherwood Schools, NDMohall/Lansford/Sherwood Schools
The school authority covers a combined district created in 2005. The website includes details of the school administration and the sports activities.
Mohall/Lansford/Sherwood Schools

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