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Ward CountyWard County is granddaddy of the northwestern counties. Originally founded in 1885 and named after one of the influential politicians in the administrative reorganization, Imperial Ward was one of the largest counties in the state.

Originally the county seat was in the city of Burlington, the only real settlement in the county in those days. However it was switched to Minot a few years later and the sizeable population center has remained the county seat ever since.

Ward was reorganized in 1910 and the neighboring counties of Renville, Mountrail and Burke were carved out of the original Imperial Ward County. (The strange shape of the county is due to the fact that none of the new counties wanted to include the city of Kenmare.)

Today the county remains a sizeable area at just over 2000 square miles. It has a population of 61,675, according to the last census, most of whom live in Minot. Unlike many of the counties in the area, the population has grown over the last century.

Ward County is surrounded by Burke County and Renville County to the north, by McHenry County to the east, by McLean County to the south and by Mountrail County to the west.

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More details about the county seat of Minot can be found on the Minot page.

Ward County, NDWard County
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Ward County EducationWard County Education

Berthold Public School, NDBerthold Public School
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