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We're always please to have any feedback - but there may be different things that you are wanting to ask us or that you wish that we would do. So have a quick look through the following sections to see which one matches your needs best.

And remember - all of your communications with us are covered by our ND-Direct privacy policy (if you don't want to read all the bumf, it essentially says that we won't ever use your mail address for anything outside this website ever).

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Do you just want to ask us a question about the site or provide some feedback?

In that case, please use our enquiry form.

Please do remember and understand that we all have real-life jobs. That means that if you are trying to find the best way from Haven to Rugby or to book a cheap bed in Minot, you should contact the people whose job it is to help you (probably the convention and visitors' bureau for that area). Details of those sites are available for the communities that we cover on the relevant pages.

North Dakota DirectoryCan you include my non-commercial site?

ND-Direct has a policy of trying to include as much useful information about the state as possible. Here's a rundown of the types of site we would love to include:

All sites, groups and organization must supply a valid North Dakota address to be eligible for a listing.

Equally, we're not interested in the following types of sites:

If you have a site which matches the outlines given above please use our enquiry form to apply for a listing.

North Dakota Web DirectoryCan you include my commercial site?

We would be glad to list sites for businesses, government and commercial organizations in North Dakota. There are various options that are open for business listings - if you are interested, please use our enquiry form.

A site is classed as commercial if money is made through the operation of it.

Please note that we only accept listings for businesses and organizations with a physical presence and contact information within the state of North Dakota.